One year later… Diaper Update!

It feels like a lifetime, not just one year, since I’ve last blogged here! And it literally was a lifetime ago. Ten months ago my son was born, and a few months before that my husband and I bought a house and moved in.

Needless to say my trash has skyrocketed.

I am using g-diapers with my little one. G-diapers are a flushable/compostable paper insert inside a cloth diaper with velcro attachments. I neither flush nor compost his diapers, however. It takes 30-90 days to fully compost just one, and it takes a lot of time to flush the diaper – you have to cut it open and disperse the contents slowly through the pipes. Yep, the paper goes to the landfil. At least I’m not adding plastic to the landfil… except the plastic container that the paper inserts come in…

When my little one was born we used disposable diapers, but switched when he was about a month old. The paper diapers are very very absorbent, so as soon as we switched, his diaper rash disappeared!

We bought three “starter kits” which each have two cloth diapers in them. This way we have six diapers to rotate. Those first few months we did a load of laundry nearly every day.  But well before he was ready for the medium sized g-diapers, we were just washing our normal loads of laundry.

His diapers produce one full kitchen-sized bag of trash a week. (That includes disposable baby wipes.) I also use (and re-use) disposable diaper changing pads, which last for a long time before I toss them.

It’s not as green as it could be.

I might have decided to go all cloth if I had realized exactly how much money I’d be spending on paper inserts (about $80-100 a month). At the time, though, buying nice cloth diapers with velcro would have been about $40 per each and we’d need way more than six of each size. (Does anyone have an estimate of how many cloth diapers in just one day? Maybe 12? Although newborns would need way more than that…)

It’s very time-consuming to be green. I’ll worry more about it when I have the time to actually sleep… Meanwhile, my little guy is just learning to walk! And I am enjoying each little step. 🙂


2 responses to “One year later… Diaper Update!

  1. It’s so lovely to see your new post pop up on my blogroll after all this time. Welcome back and belated congratulations on the birth of your new son. Disposable diapers (or nappies as we say here in the UK) are always tough on anyone’s levels of waste. I bought a whole set of washable diapers when I had my youngest son 6 years ago. The sad thing was I only used them for a month before he developed reflux and kept vomiting several times a day for months. I just couldn’t handle the amount of washing at the time and ended up switching. Good luck…and how exciting that he’s taking his first steps. Expect a lot more fun to follow 🙂

  2. Hi I have a question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

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