Take Back the Filter

The New York Times earlier this month highlighted Beth Terry and the Take Back the Filter campaign. In case you don’t know, Brita water filters are recycled in Europe! This campaign aims to see these filters recycled in the US too.

From the campaign’s most recent newsletter:

“I’ve been asked by several people whether it’s better to buy bottled water since the bottles are recyclable while the Brita filters are not. My response: PLEASE STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER! There is more plastic in 300 water bottles than in one Brita filter. And the environmental impact of bottling and shipping water long distances is huge. We are not advocating bottled water. We simply want a solution that is as green as it can be. And since Brita in Europe has found a way to recycle the filters, we think that Clorox in the U.S. ought to be able to do the same.”

Take a look at what you can do (it’s easy!) for the campaign on their Web site.


2 responses to “Take Back the Filter

  1. Esther, what a great link and very interesting. I especially enjoyed the comments – looks like there’s more than one way to refill your own filter!

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